Data Migration Services
Data Migration projects, often as part of a wider transformation and/or expansion programme, are highly complex and unlike any other sort of IT project you may come across. This demands disciplines slightly out of the "norm".

How many times have you heard of major companies, or public authorities,  delaying the implementation of a much promised IT system and as a result the data migration.

We offer a variety of services that will help you gain a better understanding of how best to approach YOUR data migration with the very likely outcome that you will save time, money and market reputation.

How can we do this?
Every single member of our team has in excess of ten years recent, relevant, experience in data migration projects and programmes.

Before you start

The classic mistake made by so many companies is to start the data migration work too early. As the customisation and development of the target systems slips with requirement shadows being uncovered and some of the initial promise and shine being rubbed off, the data migration project is forced to slip with it. This simply increases cost for a zero benefit.

Ideally, all companies should discuss with experts in the field the best time and place to begin the data migration work including understanding the phases of a data migration project.

How we can help

A small team (1-3 people) will attend your site(s) and discuss with you the plans you have for the transformation of your business and systems. From that they will formulate a simple report which will offer advice as to when and how to start the data migration elements of the programme.
D A T A M I G R A T I O N . C O . U K
Along the way

Your project is under way. You may be struggling to manage change, you may be struggling to align plans, you may just feel you would like someone with 20+ years experience to review where you are and offer guidance that might help you avoid some sizeable pitfalls that may be coming along.

How we can help

What we'll do is send one, or possibly two, highly experienced data migration project managers (CVs available on request) to you for a less than a week. They'll need access to your plans, documentation and people (though we minimise the impact on people wherever possible as we know they are busy). Then we'll produce a report detailing the positives, negatives and recommendations. Simple language, straight-forward approach - we believe this is the best approach and we've proven it works.

Hit Squad

You have identified a data migration project or a programme of work that includes a data migration may be in trouble.

Symptoms may be ...

How we can help

A short, sharp, concentrated review of where you are against where you need to be. Plain english, not "management speak". We'll tell you what you need to do and back it up with a follow-up visit, at no extra charge, at a time interval of your choosing to see whether what we recommended has (a) been implemented and (b) made a difference. If it's been implemented and has not improved things you get a 100% refund. How many "management consultants" offer that sort of deal?

Full Service

Delivering a programme of change is an extremely costly and time-consuming enterprise. Why not leave the delivery of a proven data migration solution to people who have done it time and time again (and can prove it).

We will build a team of experienced analysts, developers and testers who will deliver to time, budget and quality EVERY time.

Our project leadership team will accommodate your PMO standards and requirements and perhaps even offer the experience of other clients that may improve things across the board for you.

How we can help

Why not contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to help.

We have NEVER failed in a migration and don't intend to start now.